Replacing Television, Radio And Newspaper’s

The tower of power stands above the city broadcasting constantly. More stations than ever thought possible in more colors than ever thought necessary we still want more. We pay for instant access to what we want while those competing for our attention still manage to break in to our break from the doldrums of life. All the while we still are paying to run internet cables and put up wireless networks throughout the city to link us not to each other but to our own personal screens. Each of us has dozens in our homes these devices hold more power and technology than at least half of the planet will never see (#notintendenedtobeafactualstatment). The internet is not something to be tossed aside as it is still growing it will be as powerful as we let it become. If we were to simply connect each of our computers into a home network it could change the world. The processors in fridges, stoves, washers, TV’s, cars, radios and piles of other hardware that could all be attached, used and controlled from anyone on the network. Most dream of a hellscape where computers revolt and try to rule the masters who’s to say they haven’t conquered us already they are simply trying to complete their master plan for us to simply kill ourselves for them? If we want to break free from the ties by using our computers to simply network with those closest to us and connecting everyone thus eliminating the need for towers and cables.

Building a flux capacitor

Concepts required: Space time continuum fluidity Many Atom sized light emitter 1.21 gigawatt generator

First the circle in the center is what creates a black hole. One theory suggests spinning the space time continuum the way you stir your coffee (if you are addicted to crack it doesn’t work for this metaphor, sorry) as you spin it faster it slowly creates a cyclone with the eye being the black hole. The only important part is a mass produced atom sized directional light emitter. Why massed produce cause I need a shit load all lined up and pointing the same way for just one array. Now I line these all up in a circle with all of them turned in just enough to be aimed at the same angle inward. Once you turn it on the assuming light is a particle with mass all the combined mass should start spinning the space time continuum now time will dilate but if you move forward you will spin a length of the space time continuum hopefully creating a wormhole…. to what? I have no idea someone get me a towel!



Well Fuck it all

I guess I have a blog now what do I do now?